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★ Hello and nice too meet you all, here a is like the Title say my 'Dump' , includes my recent Series/anime ,Manga,Games and many Others things.
★ I love Drawing and often re-blog many things for reference
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In case you were feeling sad.

This is the third time I’ve reblogged this today and I DON’T EVEN CARE

I’ve been laughing like an idiot at this for 10 minutes now. 

it’s face like no whyyyyy

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That awkward moment when Diablo shows up to your religious protest

This reminds me of an old story I heard from a friend. One year, an anime con was being held the same weekend as a Bible Conference. This dude in an Ifrit costume, stilts and all, gets into the elevator, all hunched over, on his way down to the lobby. Before he could reach the lobby, the elevator stopped on another floor. Two old ladies clutching bibles were about to step on when they see this giant red demon-creature with glowing yellow eyes.

And in his deepest voice he says, “Going down?”

They shrieked and ran off to find another elevator.

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Artist: clear

Track: アヤノの幸福理論

Plays: 6,614

Uta’s tattoo. 

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36 days of type

I noticed this open project over on Instagram recently, organised by Alejandro López Becerro. There’s a huge variety of characters to look through including just these 3D designs by Alejandro himself. 

While the main letters were going up in April/May the project still seems quite active. Search on Instagram #36daysOfType and #36days_<glyph name>.


image This is my first GIF I’ve made and it stopped being funny after I spent 20 minutes trying to save it…

Designer,Illustrator:megumi kajiwara
Designer,book bind:Tatsuhiko Niijima

via  Illustrativo and Prosthetic knowledge.

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